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By Vilain Silver Fox

En stock

By Vilain Silver Fox est une cire professionnelle qui confère une tenue extrême et un effet brillant à vos cheveux (2.2 oz. liq./65 ml)
Envoyé dans 1 jours, 15 heures, 29 minutes.
€ 22,00
€ 22,00

Description du produit


By Vilain Silver Fox (2.2 oz. liq./65 ml) est le nec plus ultra en matière de produit coiffant. Cette cire est parfaite si vous cherchez une tenue extrême et un résultat avec reflets. Elle vous permet de créer des coiffures spectaculaires tous les jours grâce à sa formule à base de silicone. Silver Fox à un toucher soyeux et ajoute de la texture et de la richesse à vos cheveux tout en vous permettant de refaçonner votre coiffure à tout moment. Donc si vous voulez un look naturel avec un reflet modéré (sans sensation ou apparence graisseuses), Silver Fox de By Vilain est le choix idéal.

  • Tenue extrême & reflet modéré
  • Ajoute richesse et texture
  • Contrôle votre coiffure tout au long de la journée, tout en permettant le recoiffage
  • Vous permet de manipuler vos cheveux dans n’importe quel sens

Conseils d'utilisation

Répartissez la cire sur vos cheveux secs (préférablement séchés dans la position désirée à l’aide d’un sèche-cheveux) et sculptez-les à votre guise. Si vous souhaitez plus de brillance, appliquez sur vos cheveux mouillés et créez votre coiffure. Quoi que vous fassiez, n'oubliez pas qu’une petite quantité suffit avec ce vilain garçon.


Aqua, Petrolatum, Ozokerite, Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Cera Alba, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax, Ceteareth-27, Cetearyl Alcohol, Lanolin, PVP, VP/VA Copolymer, Phenyl Methicone, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ceteareth-12, Phenoxyethanol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum, CI 77499.

Avis des consommateurs

65 avis

Rédigé par: CAKIR, v


Its a so good product MUST HAVE
Rédigé par: Thomas F

Best wax

Best wax on the market. I use it for more classy and slik hair.
Rédigé par: Dawood

Great product

This product has the strongest hold I have ever experienced
Rédigé par: Thomas

Awesome Wax

High hold, smooth application und awesome sent. I guess it´s tobacco or sth.
Rédigé par: Vincee Desai

Superb ????????????????????

It smells good and does exactly what it says.. Just got it today, used it and already Love it and will be buying more for sure!!
Rédigé par: William

Must have product in styling routine

After trying Dynamite clay & Gold digger. Finally i give shot to trying Silverfox. I would say that it has the stronger hold than Gold digger based on my Thin/fine hairtype. I do read some other review in website or youtube, some user complain about this product too sticky or pain to apply in blow dry hair. I try using it after blow dry with Sidekick spray. To be honest, if apply moderately, i did not encounter this issue at all. I still able play/set my style till i'm satisfied. My quiff hairstyle still stay up 9 hours perfectly without using hairspray.  -Hair still able restyle, not stiff or sticky feeling. -Give healty shine. - Sweet vanila scents (non chemical).  -Easy application like gold digger, slightly tug but not major. -able to restyle, hair still soft to touch not stiff or sticky but hold is there. Give fine hair look fuller and good texture. - 1 time shampoo able remove the wax However review just based on my personal hairtype and style. I'm very happy with the result its give and still will continue to use it when i want my hair stay up all day.
Rédigé par: Ben


Great high hold and medium shine!Smells awesome.
Rédigé par: Dylan


This wax is very easy to use. The feeling of giving people is very hard, but the support effect is very good, it is worth recommending!
Rédigé par: AchilleasGR


I have bought many products from "By Villain",as gold digger,dynamite clay,blow,powermade and silver fox.I just want to say my opinion for the last one product.It's my favourite because it has got a very strong hold(more than gold digger) with a little bit shiny finish and it isn't heavy(not so heavy as dynamite clay).Finally,it's easy to wash out and it lasts all day if you combine it with sidekick.This is my opinion and how this product works in my thick hair.I suggest all of you to test it!One thing for sure,I'll keep loving By villain! <3
Rédigé par: Daniel Shvartz

Great product

Very good wax , very strong , my hair is almost moving and in a windy day i almost don't see my hair moves. The wax is flexible and very easy to washout with water and shampoo . tried it with a pre styling spray which worked perfect. Probably one of my favorites and I will sure to buy 1 more or a gold digger.
Rédigé par: Andrea motta

Silver fox

This is fantastic wax the best among the ones I've tried! Very strong hold (almost glue) is a bit 'of brilliance as a finishing touch
Rédigé par: Nyssa

The best

The best hair product I have ever used!
Rédigé par: Vincent

Great hold

I just tested this product and its amazing, mixed with the sidekick spray and some hairpowder from the local drugstore I achieved an awesome look. The hold is stong but it still is flexible enough to be adjusted at any time. I´m still a bit hasitant about the cosmetic sylicone included in the wax, but so far I like the results. The only downside I can see is it smelling like playdough.
Rédigé par: Max

Awesome product

This product ist awesome. I tested a lot of waxes (hanz de fuko, Kevin murphy, hairbond...), but this product works best for my hair. My hair is very difficult to manage, but with this product I get my hair under control. It has a really strong hold and a nice finish
Rédigé par: Michael

Love this, but initially i didn't !!!!

I love this product (as well as id HAIR Extreme Titanium available on this site). Initially i didn't like it because although it held strongly, at the same time the hair felt soft. I felt uncomfortable about this as i was so used to products holding hair into place & feeling hard. I have hair with a lot of volume, so with products i MUST wash my hair first to flatten otherwise hair will stay with volume. One day I was in a hurry and didn't have time to wash, so i place a little water on my hair & used silver fox along with gold digger & played with it a little. I was impressed as this is the only product that held my hair down in place without having to wash my hair. I also read online about "Claymation" being better than silverfox/Gold Digger & bought it. NO WAY, IT ISN'T. By Vilain products give a better hold & i am in the process of buying another product as i'm writing this. Take this advice from a 45 year old who has used many products over the years.(wax products in my younger years were so hard to wash out).
Rédigé par: Bryan Liew

Definitely one of the best. Recommended!

I have fine, straight hair. Been using bad products for years (Gatsby) and I found slikhaar TV on YouTube. I saw them using their By Vilain products and did some research. Some says this work like wonders and some says its bad. Majority says it's good though. I finally wanted to try something new and ordered this. It's definitely one of the best hair waxes I've used. Have By Vilain Gold Digger, Dynamite Clay, HdF Claymation and Quicksand too so I can compare and all of them are awesome but Silver Fox is definitely my favourite of all. Recommended!
Rédigé par: Hashim

Excellent Product

I liked the sulphide free formula of the ByVilain products. It doesn't damage the hair, and gives a neat finish for business look which looks really awesome. I started using this product a year back. On a daily use this product easily lasts 6months. Worth purchasing and it really stands upto the motto #workHard #styleHard
Rédigé par: Brian


great product and easy to style your hair
Rédigé par: Oli


Great hold with medium shine. The Delivery came within 2 days (Switzerland) - was very nice unexpected surprise. Keep up the good work! Best YouTube Channel.
Rédigé par: Jake l

Silver Fox: Amazing Product!

The Silver Fox from By Vilain is such a great product and can be used for pretty much all types of hair and from my experience it worked wonders with my hair and gave me a great hold with a natural looking finish as the end result. This product is probably my favorite out of the by Vilain line but still all products are great. Be sure to check it out because it is the best product I've ever used!
Rédigé par: MuhammadAhmed

Gold Digger With Shine

People are gonna tell you that this product is sticky. Too hard or not pliable. Though they are right, they are stupid at the same time. This product was made to give you that out of this world hold which lasts the whole damn day and it delivers. There's no other product I'd want when I'm partying or playing sports. The hold lasts 12-24 hours depending on hair type and product applied. Best way to use it is with blow. Hold lasts 48 hours for me then. If you want is to be less sticky then cocktail it with sidekick. It will make it more shiny too. So for all you greaser lovers you gotta try the sidekick and silver fox cocktail. No product in the market can compete in terms of hold except it's matte counterpart Gold Digger . I prefer pliablity so I usually use Dynamite clay but if you want that high hold everyday. Don't look any further.
Rédigé par: Jordan

Fantastic product!

I am using this product for several weeks now and I must say that it is a fantastic product. I am using it as a prestyling and finishing product. You only have to use a small amount. Your hair stays in model while it is flexible and smooth. It keeps a high hold during the day. Sometimes it's hard work with it because of its structure and to solve this I am using the sidekick together with the silver fox. Great product!
Rédigé par: California

Silver Fox

By Villain Silver Fox is probably one of the best products I've ever used! It has great hold and it gives a slight shine finish. It also adds texture and give you hair life and a natural shine. I would recommend it for anyone because it is an all round great product!
Rédigé par: Philip Plower

Great shine, great hold and great results. Need I say more?

Silver Fox delivers great hold with a great shine result. Now when I say shine I don't mean as in a greasy wet look shine, I mean a good healthy hair shine. Like gold Digger and dynamite clay it gives great hold and texture for all hair types and lengths. It can be used as pre-styler product, add a small amount to wet/damp hair then blow dry your hair in place then finish the style with a small bit more for added hold. But I find Silver Fox works better for hairstyles that don't need much volume. Perfect for classic pompadour styles but don't get me wrong, it's great for high volume styles also. For whatever your style is Silver Fox will give you your result. Looks great on platinum coloured hair. Will definitely be buying more, hopefully the new limited edition of Silver Fox to go with the limit edition Gold Digger. You won't go wrong if you buy this product.
Rédigé par: Spen

Perfect for Medium hair!

This is the perfect wax! I tried Gold Digger at first and it was amazing for my short hair but as my hair grew longer the styling options grew somewhat limited due to the extreme hold. Silver Fox also has an extreme hold but it's a little more creamier than the Gold Digger. When I go to apply Silver Fox through my hair it spread through very easily and keeps a movable hold all day. It leaves a very subtle shine which I like a lot! My favorite part about this product is that I can move my hair around and change the style as much as you want without losing the hold. I like to mix 3/4 Silver Fox with 1/4 Gold Digger to give the nice shine with alittle bonus hold.
Rédigé par: Hazim

The best of the best!

Damn! The best hair wax that i have. The hold is good, make my wavy hair become awesome with the style. The shine is pretty good, look a bit natural n matte. Scent is very good, i love it so much. This wax totally different with the other wax in market. This is very good product. Hopefully that i can try the limited edition too, for now it is not available in my country.
Rédigé par: sabzi

Quality product

Very good quality product, has a very slight shine almost matte looking. Hair is still manageable after application. Only downfall is the smell.
Rédigé par: Pool

Très bien

Un super produit, un peu cher mais qui vaut vraiment le coup !!!
Rédigé par:

No Bad Hair Days Anymore!

This Product is amazing!!! I couldn't imagine that it will work that great in my hair. really unbelievable... no more stress in the morning because of thinking my hear will Not look good for the whole Day... with by vilain it is perfect... guys trust me you will not have a bad hair Day anymore...
Rédigé par: lonz

Superb Hair Product

The By Vilain Silver Fox hair product is an excellent wax that provides an extremely strong, but natural-looking hold, that lasts the entire day. In addition, the product amazingly allows users to re-arrange the hairstyles throughout the day. To top if off, this wax provides a natural shine as well as an aromatic, vanilla-like scent that makes the ladies go crazy. I highly recommend this product to customers looking for a great hair product.
Rédigé par: MedMOsta

super produit pour les cheveux, je recommandé

Bonjour Silver Fox c'est le meilleur produit que je trouve super , sympa avec des résultats adorable, il a un meilleur texture pour mes cheveux , polyvalent pour créer des jolie coupes. ainsi pour la coiffe, avec une telle brillance, et un odeur agréable. By Vilain c'est mon préféré , je recommandé
Rédigé par: Tyler

Great for fine hair too!!!

I have very fine hair, and when I used this it worked wonders!! hold+volume = yesss!!
Rédigé par: Aleksandar

My favorite wax

I started out with the Gold Digger, which I do love a lot, but the Silver Fox always felt a little better with my hair. I always have a Silver Fox to spare. Absolutely love this product. High and lasting hold with just the right amount of shine, what is not to like about this product :)
Rédigé par: Andrew Luck


I tried Silver Fox for the first time and it was great l! The product gives your hair a nice texture and shine with great hold. Personally, my hair is black and thicker, yet Silver Fox still was able to give me a good hold. Sometimes the product did not hold up that well , but it was just on days where I did not fully take care of my hair and use the blowdryer to style my hair. If I have the chance, I want to try the sidekick spray along with Silver Fox to create a stronger and nicer look. Overall, I've enjoyed the Silver Fox product. Now I need to try out the other products as well!
Rédigé par: Sonnyboy

Silver Fox is awesome

Definetly the best hairwax I have ever used. For those of you who are uncertain about the shine of the product I can tell that Silver Fox just gives a little bit of shine. The hair looks very natural and healthy but in no way greasy or oily. It is not like a pomade and I am very lucky about this fact. I like to style my hair like Mariano di Vaio and therefore I need longer hair as normal men. But the Silver Fox wax can handle my hair lenght better than any other wax I used - and I tried a lot. The product is easily to water out and in combination with By Vilain Sidekick my hair looks almost as good as Marianos hair. Kudos to Emil and Rasmus. P.S. I wanna change my hairstyle to the Jon Kortajarena hairstyle. It could be cool if you guys will make a tutotrial in the future
Rédigé par: Nandan

Just classy

By Vilain Silver Fox is the only hair wax in the By Vilain lineup which gives your hair a wet/shiny look. It works great with wet hair and dry hair. You can use it in any situation, for example if you need to go to a party you can just apply it on dry hair and look amazing for the party and on the other hand if you need to go in a office meeting you can apply it on wet hair and slick your hair back to get a formal look. Great product! Do not miss out on it! Slikhaar I have no words left to describe how great you are...
Rédigé par: best hair wax ever used

Strong hold with a little shine

This hair product is the best i have ever used because it actually hold my hair in place. Silver fox can not be compared to other hair products because the extreme hold con not be compared to other weak hold products. Silver fox leaves a matte finish with just a little natural shine to your hair. The hair product smells good and has an awesome silvered color. Silver fox hold your hair all day when you blow dry your hair and use silver fox. Also just by adding water it will give you that slick look. Silver Fox is the best. Rasmus and Emil for president.
Rédigé par: Arose

I love it

It holds very well and it's just great!
Rédigé par: JohnB

Revolutionary wax !

The best product I've used so far! Silver Fox from By Vilain is a wax with extreme hold and natural shine, perfect for the modern gentleman look! I've been using this product for quite a while and I'm just pleased with it. My hair is very thick and it just holds the entire day just as I styled it in the morning. My hair is just perfect with the Silver Fox!!
Rédigé par: aitch786

Absolutely wonderful

That has to be the best wax I ever used. I have thick, curly + wavy hair. The wax has outstanding hold and the smell is marvellous. It ticks all the boxes
Rédigé par: M. Peter

A Q&A Review to convince the undecided

1. Is it better than the Gold Digger & Dynamite Clay? Absolutely not! Each of them have different results and uses! I highly recommend research to be done before deciding on one of them, or you can just buy all three of them. You might just like all of them! 2. Is the hold truly extreme? Not only is it extreme, it will hold your hair all day long (often better than most hairsprays). You're getting gel-like hold from a product that doesn't hurt and dry your hair, making it perfect for even the craziest of hairstyles. 3. How easily does it wash off? Considering it's hold, thickness and effect, the Silver Fox is surprisingly easy to wash off, with only a little bit of shampooing required. 4. Does the Silver Fox permit restyling? Absolutely it does! Keep in mind though, as like other re-stylable products, doing it too much or too often without adding a little bit more of it can weaken the hold. I recommend no more than two restyling without added product. 5. How long does a can last? It lasts a lot longer than I expected! I've used the same can five days a week for two months and I barely used half of it. And I use it generously too. Depending on how often and how much you use, expect a minimum of three months of personal use. 6. How much should I use when styling? As always, it depends on your hair type. Thicker hair needs more, thinner hair needs less. As two rules of the thumb, use less than you would a cheaper product and never exceed a third of your index finger. Too much product weighs down the hair, killing volume! 7. How should the Silver Fox be applied? This wax can be, due to it's holding power, a little bit difficult to apply (mainly on thick hair) without spritzing a little bit of water with the Freestyler on one of your palms before spreading it. This workaround is twice efficient as it also prolongs the time you have to style before the hold kicks in. 8. Does it smell good and does it interfere with cologne? The Silver Fox, as the other By Vilain waxes, smells amazing! "Masculine sweetness" is what I call it's vanilla-patchouli like scent. It is also a soft scent, as in during styling it delights you, but once finished it disappears to make room for cologne. 9. How's the finish? It leaves your hair naturally shiny, close to how just-dried hair looks like. 10. Is it worth the money overall? It's worth every single penny! This comes from a guy whose thick hair broke the combs of three different barbers! It is in every way a pleasure to work with, to smell, to look at and to admire the result! You're paying for performance and you're getting more, you're getting an all-in-one styling product! I'll conclude by saying that this review was based entirely on my experience with the Silver Fox, and here's to hoping that it will encourage many uncertain people to trust the quality that Emil & Rasmus promise!
Rédigé par: Iskandar Adnan


This is by far the best wax I've ever used. I have tried so many waxes before this and it really didn't go well with my hair. The wax that I used before tend to harden and it's not easy when you are about to apply it to your hair even when your hair is damp. Unlike the ByVilain SilverFox, I could just apply it on my hair after Ive got my shower and the wax really covers the whole area of my hair. The texture itself is easy to manage and it is great for styling. It holds your hair like a champ and you dont have to go to the bathroom everytime to see whether the hair is still on its place. I even wear it daily even if I'm not going out, you can't go wrong with this wax if you want look great! The best decision if you are able to purchase this! I highly recommended it if you want your hair to be awesome!
Rédigé par: Carlos

Great hold, awesome texture best product I've ever used

This is the best product I have ever used. It has a super strong hold and I love the natural shine it gives to my hair. It also makes my hair appear fuller and it has a great texture. I'm really big on how a product smells, and I love how this one smells so much. Easy to apply and easy to wash out as well. Best product on the market on my opinion.
Rédigé par: Havips

King of Hair Products

First head of this product via my friend who's been using ByVilain products since gold digger first came out. Got really curious and borrowed silver fox from him for a formal high school event. I've been using a countless number of hair products before silver fox and the from the moment when I was opening the can to the moment I was removing it in the shower, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Gentlemen, this product right here is the most, I repeat the MOST versatile hair product ever created. I have used it for slick backs, pompadours, quiffs, and even MESSY hairstyles! This is not the case for many of the hair products in the industry. Emil and Rasmus, Genius twins if you ask me! After using so many hair products in the industry, they've created a meraki of their own and oh my lord they have NAILED IT. Silver fox's extreme hold is ideal for so many situations. I live in a tropical country and its hold is ideal for me since I sweat a lot and play sport every day. The medium shine provides versatility for hairstyling and makes my dull looking black hair appear much healthier! The only problem I have with this product is the washability of it but it easily comes out with the use of shampoo! I have used every product in the ByVilain line and this is my personal favourite! I've bought 3 cans since it came out and am going to make an order for my 4th one soon. Gentlemen, if you're looking for a versatile and go-to hair product, Silver Fox is the ONLY option!
Rédigé par: Neil

Beyond perfect

This wax is the best I ever used. It really adapts to my hair (thick and black) both when long and short. It is perfect for any hairstyle also holds for a whole day. It has an a bewildering smell but i like it so much.
Rédigé par: Jeffr3

Absolutly Amazing

This may be "Silver Fox" but it would definitly get the gold if there was a Hair Wax Olympics. It's hold is properly classified as extreme as it provided me with an all day hold while also remaining quite pliable so my hair looked and felt great, something my girlfriend loves. To style my messy quiff I put the wax in wet hair before blow drying and after it's dry I finish it off with a dime size amount just to finish off my style and add a bit more hold. An added bonus is the natural shine it gives your hair making it look healthy but never greasy.
Rédigé par: Jesus

The best wax ever created!!!!

The Silver Fox is amazing from start to finish! Wether you use a lot or a little, it's great! The Silver Fox as soon as you open it you fall in love with the pleasant smell that it gives! The touching feeling u get when u get a finger full of it it's a great feeling because you know it's going to make your hair perfect! As soon as you put it in your hair the Silver Fox starts working its magic! Whether u want a messy look a combover or just your own style its GREATNESS! From beginning to end this product is just going to get u to hair heaven , it took me!
Rédigé par: Jesus_alvidre


This wax was heaven to my hair. The silverfox is the first wax I've tried from here but in my personal opinion is the best! You don't have to use a lot like other products, which makes it last even longer! As soon as you put silverfox in your hair you can feel it molding and working all over your hair! It is the easiest to style with and you can absolutely do anything and still get a matte finish ,I love that it doesn't have a lot of shine and is a strong hold, in my opinion this was a great investment. 5 stars from me definitely!
Rédigé par: Liam

The best hair wax out there!!!

Last Christmas I received 3 cans of the By Vilain Silver fox wax. The product is advertised to provide an extreme hold and a natural (slight/medium shine) finish. Before I received this wax, I had previously used both the Gold Digger and Dynamite Clay, which were both also fantastic to use in different ways. I had also tried a few of the Hanz De Fuko products such as Claymation and Sponge Wax, however I personally enjoy using Silver Fox more than any of these products and it is my favourite product in the By Vilain range! Being a fan of the matte finish, I always shied away from trying silver fox, however since using it for the first time I haven't looked back!! The product provides a very strong hold which is great and keeps your hair looking cool throughout the day. Although the product doesn't lock your hair into place, if your hair was to move throughout the day it can easily be pushed back into position. The finish the wax provides is a very natural finish, meaning that your hair is not left with a huge amount of shine, or with a complete matte finish. For me, the finish is perfect as it makes your hair look light and texturized, with a slight shine and a very strong hold, without making your hair look greasy and clogged with product. I have been using this wax almost everyday since Christmas and still have one and a half cans of wax left, meaning that 3 cans of this wax should last me around a year if I was to continue using it every day!! This is one of my favourite things about this product as it proves that only a small amount of this wax is needed to create an awesome hairstyle. I feel that the By Vilain Silver Fox is a must have wax as you really do get your moneys worth. The wax lasts a long time and provides you with great styling possibilities, meaning that the product is very versatile and you are not stuck with only being able to create one hairstyle, which is always a bonus!!! Once I have used all of my Silver fox I will 100% be purchasing it again. By Vilain silver fox is the best hair product that I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a strong, versatile hair wax providing a natural finish!
Rédigé par: LordCinnamon1999

Awesome product!

This Silverfox by Vilain was probably the best wax i have ever tried, I was looking so hard to find a product that has a tiny bit of shine, but great hold and good texture. Cannot thank this product enough:)
Rédigé par: Markus Pettersson

Stunning Result!

This does the trick, it works great to give you the exact style you want and it doesn't damage your hair at all. Easy to wash out and just the perfect wax.
Rédigé par: Mike31State

Essential for Styling with Shine!

I recommend this product to any guy who wants to create a perfect hairstyle because of Silverfox's hold and stand out just a little bit with the product's use of shine. I've used it since it was released and it is my favorite.
Rédigé par: tony

The Best

i've gone through an uncountable amount of different types of hair wax,creams and gels. Silver fox by vilain is the absolute best product i have used to date. Very happy i found the product and gave it a shot.
Rédigé par: Daniel

Amazing stuff!!!

Trust me when I say this is the best hair product I have ever used! I have went through a lot of junky hair products but this one did not disappoint me like the others did. Silver fox is a top of the line hair product and you will not regret buying it! For sure worth every penny!
Rédigé par: Teachh

Best Thick Hair Product on the Market

I have extremely thick hair. Thick Asian hair. Majority of the products out do not work or wears thin after a short period of time. This on the other hand holds all day long, light in the hair and holds even after rigorous sports activities. This is by far the best hair product I have ever used. Works better in dry hair, but washes out easily. Haven't found anything that can even hold a candle to this. This is definitely a must try product if nothing else.
Rédigé par: test


Rédigé par: Benjamin


When I bought this product I thought hopefully this will be good. I have very thick hair so it's hard for me to use certain hair products.When I used silver fox it was amazing you literally need like a fingernails worth and you will have enough for your whole head. It is a little expensive but is the best product I have ever used Thank you silkhaar.
Rédigé par: LI24

Outstanding Silver Fox

The Silver Fox is definitely the best hair product I have ever used. It holds well and the formula of the wax lets you make spectacular hair styles. The shine is perfect for people with black hair, not too matte but not too sleek. It can take a few days to get used to working with Silver Fox but after a few days you learn how to get the best out of it and make the best styles.
Rédigé par: Alabala

Great Product

It has nice smell and hold,althought is a little bit too sticky
Rédigé par: AlexH


Super fast delivery, amazing product, so happy with the results, and I love the stamp, thanks guys
Rédigé par: AT


Perfect hair wax! Extreme hold, easy to wash out with only water. Very fast delivery, took 3 days from Norway. Very satisfied!
Rédigé par: Bob


Amazing product will tell friends about the website
Rédigé par: Yassy

Outstanding product!

Outstanding product, I highly recommend it.
Rédigé par: Veed23

Excellent Hair Wax!

I have thick hair and have never been able to find a hair product that would give the flexibility to style my hair the way I want it to. Silver Fox gives me the freedom to do so. Plus my hair stays in place even during intense exercise/training.
Rédigé par: Michelle


Super godt!
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