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By Vilain 3-pack | save 25%

En stock

Choisissez-en 3 parmi les légendes Silver Fox, Gold Digger, Dynamite Clay, Revolution et Wazx Zero. Vous pouvez les mélanger selon vos envies, donc lancez-vous et créez une combinaison de cire unique, spécialement pour vous.

Envoyé dans 23 heures, 8 minutes.

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€ 66,00
€ 49,50

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€ 66,00
€ 49,50
€ 66,00

€ 49,50

Description du produit


By Vilain Gold Digger (2.2 oz. liq./65 ml) est une cire professionnelle de haute performance, de tenue forte et fini mat. Elle vous permet de créer des coiffures spectaculaires tous les jours et est facile à travailler. Elle épaissira vos cheveux en ajoutant richesse et texture, le tout avec un résultat mat, naturel et sans reflets. Ici chez Slikhaarshop, nous comparons la Gold Digger avec la paire de jeans parfaite, sans laquelle vous ne pouvez vivre. Ce produit vous changera la vie, tout simplement.

By Vilain Silver Fox (2.2 oz. liq./65 ml) est le nec plus ultra en matière de produit coiffant. Cette cire est parfaite si vous cherchez une tenue extrême et un résultat avec reflets. Elle vous permet de créer des coiffures spectaculaires tous les jours grâce à sa formule à base de silicone. Silver Fox a un toucher soyeux, et ajoute de la texture et la richesse à vos cheveux tout en vous permettant de refaçonner votre coiffure à tout moment. Donc si vous voulez un look naturel avec un reflet modéré (sans sensation ou apparence graisseuses), Silver Fox de By Vilain est le choix idéal.

By Vilain Dynamite Clay (2.2 oz. liq./65 ml) est un produit coiffant de formule unique qui ajoute de la texture aux cheveux mous et sans vie et qui leur donne une apparence plus riche. Elle dompte les chevelures les plus épaisses et difficiles à contrôler et convient à tous les types de cheveux. Si vous cherchez une texture sèche et un fini mat, vous venez de les trouver. Elle vous permettra de créer les coiffures les plus spectaculaires tous les jours.

By Vilain Revolution (2.2 oz. liq./65 ml)

By Vilain Wax Zero (2.2 oz. liq./65 ml) est une cire 54% bio. L’Aloe Vera, l’huile d’amande, la cire de carnauba, le beurre de karité et la cire d’abeille font partis des ingrédients bio qui apporte à vos cheveux un éclat naturel, une forte tenue et un contrôle précis.

Conseils d'utilisation

Only a little amount will do the trick. Heat in Palms. Apply on damp or dry hair. Creativity is the limit.


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Avis des consommateurs

37 avis

Rédigé par: William

No more bad hair days

This package combo is my only solution to avoid bad hair day. Get to choose my favorite and right Prestyler to post-styler for my hairtype and hairstyle.
Rédigé par: Eric

Value for Money

The ByVilain prodcuts are on the expensive side but with this offer they are acutally a real good deal ! This lasts me easely 6 months. I can vouch for Gold Digger and Dynamite Clay, my favourites products.
Rédigé par: Dylan


Je recommande se site livraison rapide très soignée ????.J’essayerais les produits dans les jours à venir :).
Rédigé par: Mihai

Top professional product from By Vilain

This is second time when i buy from By Vilain, and i ll buy again, again and again. Best product in my opinion. Gold digger, dynamite clay and silver fox = gold, silver and bronze.
Rédigé par: Ruby Regina


I recomend byVilain to all my friends because it deserves it. I love Silver Fox, because it last almost one year, which is amazing !!
Rédigé par: Floris

Good, not perfect

I recently got a 3x gold digger package from my girlfriend. I was supprised by the way my hair looked after I put it in (I always blowdry by the way). Sadly after two hours of walking in the sun my hair started to fall down. I saw a video of someone who had the same problem and he said it could be fixed by buying the other products (prestyle and hairspray) this made me kind of sad bacause it is promoted in an other way..
Rédigé par: buntee

favorite product

Ive tried out all the products, and i must say the silver fox is probably my favorite. Only reason I give 4 stars is because when I previously ordered the travel 3 pack, the dynamite clay was completely dry and unusable so thats my only drawback. other than that, great product love it.
Rédigé par: Siddhant

Cant get anything better!!!

This is really the best range of hair wax available on this earth, it really is worth the price, fast shipping 14 days from denmark to india, highly satisfied :D
Rédigé par: CS


Great hold, creamy consistency, spreads easily, washes out easily, even better than claymation. Perfect products.
Rédigé par: Naman Jain

Best hair wax combo

This is the best combo. Very nice products.
Rédigé par: olesch177


This Hair product is just awesome! U can put it in your hands, go in to your hair with it and your hair will just look so awesome! i will defenitly buy it again.
Rédigé par: Edgar

THE Perfect and BEST hair Product!!!!!!!!!!

It is truly an amazing offer for these 3 By Vilain. I gave Dynamite Clay to my brother and kept the other two and it still lasted me more than 3 months. It works amazing. I have always had problems trying to do a great hair style that would look nice and I would get mad. But my own brother told me about By Vilain hairstyle products and I gave it a try and it was WORTH it. I will keep using this products forever. THANKS By Vilain.
Rédigé par: Davebatista

Highly recommended!!

Excellent products!! Fast shipping!!
Rédigé par: Pavel


Simply awesome ! Very fast delivery and perfect products. I recommend to all. Thanks !
Rédigé par: someone


just testing as these comments section is full of good review
Rédigé par: pandu

silver fox

My name is Pandu from Bali, Indonesia. I was given BV by my friend who was in Europe. I really like using silver fox because it fit in my hair that looks natural and shine. I am very interested in all the products by Vilain. Last barber asked me "your hair is soft and easy to set up, what product do you use?" and I answered "By Vilain, a rapidly growing product of Denmark" I hope to have all product BV and participate sell it in my hometown Bali :)
Rédigé par: GULATI


All these three product are awesome. I saw all your videos and i think this the best wax in the world. U can style as u like. This product is also healthier for your hair. For a formal, funky or trendy look, this wax is best. Hats off to u for launching these types of product we really needed.
Rédigé par: Sarvesh Teelokee

Best Value for Money

Hello friends. I love this bundle, I think that it is the best value for money for hair wax currently on the market. I highly recommend this bundle. What is awesome is that world wide shipping is also available.
Rédigé par: Marcus

Excellent products

I have used a lot of hair products and most of them are useless... These products are the only ones that work with my hair without it flopping 10 minutes after styling. There's no other hair products that even come close to the By Vilain series. By far my favorites!
Rédigé par: Nikita

By Vilain Is Really AWESOME!

I have tried many waxes, but By Vilain has changed my preferences FOREVER! And that's why: This is THE BEST hair products in the WORLD, seriously! I was looking for the Super Extreme Hold - I've found it in By Vilain! But it is only one of many advantages of the By Vilain! Each wax has a REALLY GREAT smell: By Vilain Gold Digger - Fresh Lemon By Vilain Silver Fox - Vanila By Vilain Dynamite Clay - Chocolate And of course beautiful packing! It doesn't matter what hairstyle do you have or for what you are looking for. With these products you will be able to create ANY hairstyle that you wish! And you can also combined By Vilain with each other to achieve a PERFECT result for your hairstyle. My favourite combo is By Vilain Gold Digger & Dynamite Clay! I'm using it EVERY morning :) Actually I can spend HOURS to speak about By Vilan's advantages, but I think the space of this comment section will not allow me to do it! ;) REALLY AWESOME & HIGH QUALITY Men's Hair Waxes! Trust me, you will be amazed! ;)
Rédigé par: Yeez23

The ONLY products you will ever need!

I have tried so many different hair products- waxes, pomades, gels, creams, pastes etc from a range of different brand and they have been nothing more than ok. And then i tried By Vilain. Once finding SlikhaarTV and getting their style tips I realised these 2 guys had their own product eange and thought I would give them a go after reading some good comments and reviews. I purcahsed the travel sizes just to try them out and the next day i bought the full sizes one of each! I use Dynamite Clay every day and use it to get a decent pop of volume and a mid hold before i put on either Silverfox or Gold Digger. I use GD for a matt finish and if i want a bit of shine and an even stronger hold i use Silverfox. its pliable so you can tweak your hair thoughout the day. I used to have good hair but now I have great hair! It may be a little more expensive than high atreet prices but they are 100% worth it and will last you a long time as you only need to use a little each day. I would never, ever use another brand, my searching for the perfect product is over. Thank you Emil and Rasmus!
Rédigé par: Josh Bieber

The best offer you can get

This offer is the best offer you can get. With gold digger, silver fox and dynamite clay there is 27 different combos to choose. All of these products work great in my hair and its the best that I have used out of all different types because this stuff works. Silver fox brings so much shine to your also dynamite clay & gold digger such a great madd finish. These are the best waxes you can ever offer.
Rédigé par: Joshua ordonez

Great products

So far I usually only get three gold diggers but I will be trying silver fox soon. I love the hold gold digger gives. It is perfect for my slicked back undercut. Overall the best product in the market. I will continue to buy this package for as long as I live!
Rédigé par: Tristan

The Best

By Vilain products are absolutely phenomenal, not only are there products great, but there service is the best! I live in Canada and the delivery estimate was 5-30 days. It arrived in 5 days!! I ordered all three of the popular By Vilain products and I gotta say, all of them have excellent hold, you can achieve various different styles with each and you can also cocktail them as they mix very well.
Rédigé par: Jonathan

One of the best hair products in the world ! Must buy !

Dynamite Clay, is a little tough to take some, cause it is clay. But once you have, taken some and applied it, it gives amazing volume, and hold. Also has a nice smell to it/ Silver Fox to me is the best smelling out of the 3, and it does give a nice shine to it, and a nice hold and also allows you, to restyle your hair through out the day. It also it definitely easier to take out with your fingers, when compared to dynamite clay. Gold Digger, has the least best smell from the 3, but it is still nice compared to other brand of waxes. Overall gives a nice hold like silver fox, but with matte finish, to help you get that texture in your hair. It doesnt matter where your from, or how much these product cost. By Vilain is amazing and it worth the shipping wait and definitely the money! I highly recommend these products!
Rédigé par: Gabriel


First time trying this waxes and I'm really surprised, good one
Rédigé par: Mohammad

Fast shipping , best results

Fast shipping , best results
Rédigé par: Jesse

Best Hair Product!!

I have the craziest hair. Its very hard to maintain it, but with this product I can do styles I had never been able to do before!!
Rédigé par: Gabriel


Great offer. I'm from Chile and I had to wait like 25 days, not bad, considering it was free shipping!(: Now I can't wait to make hairstyles with these bad boys;)
Rédigé par: Luca

Great product

Ordered my first by vilain product gold digger and must say I was super impressed when matrix discontinued their quick and dirty product I really struggled to find anything that came close, but this stuff beats it hands down, great long lasting hold going to order another 3 tubs today.
Rédigé par: Mike P

Great products!

I love to mix Gold Digger and Dynamite Clay. It's exactly how you said it in one of your videos. I love the matte finish from the gold digger but I also love the sandy texture and hold from the dynamite clay.
Rédigé par: Sam P.


This is truly a great deal! You actually only pay for two cans of wax (safe 33%) and you can mix the products as you please. I was amazed by the quality of these products. Totally changed my hair routine after this purchase. Thanks SlikhaarShop for the nice products and thanks to Slikhaar TV for the educational videos on Youtube!
Rédigé par: lucky jojo


Just purchased my order of this amazing package from what I've seen from the reviews this looks epically sexy and amazing can't wait for mine to come to try it!, I will post another review when in arrives and try it!! SO HYPE!
Rédigé par: Joshua

This a great combo with all the best wax in the world

I have got this product from my dad as a present becasue i have so much great things about these waxes and i had tried it out and it was amazing
Rédigé par: Gabriel

Perfect Wax

This products are awesome. Never found products for hair so good like these ones. They help me do so many different styles that I never managed before. Keep up with the good work and awesome videos guys! :)
Rédigé par: J

Best Hair Products

This package is great, although it may appear pricey, its definitely worth the money. Shipping to the UK is very fast too! Keep up with the amazing products. Hope you never stop selling them.
Rédigé par: Toby Ryan

Amazing package

This package is truly a good offer - I've bought it many times, and it's really good. You have wax for a couple of months, and with the videos you can change hairstyle from time to time!
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